Stan_McLean Jim Russel Driving School Tremblant Quebec

I was born in Montreal, Quebec - June 14, 1959.  I have always had a passion for mechanical things, which I eventually turned into my career.  From 1979 to 1980 I took Mechanical Technology at Dawson College.  I have worked at several different companies over the years - VKI Technologies, Le Groupe Buscom, Paprima Industries, Multimatic Technical Center, and the latest is GEA ViEX.  In these companies I have done everything from being a Foreman in change of Drilling, maintenance, and assembly to Sr. Designer and CAD Manager, Second in charge of Engineering, to a Mechanical Designer, to CAD Specialist. Various Design knowledge cover sheet metal, injection molded, die casting, machined parts, to large machinery, pneumatics, etc, etc.

In the late 70's I bought my first car, a 1970 Impala that started the passion for Drag racing and cars and more cars.  A friend - Mark Piccioni introduced me to the Performance Plus Car Club in Green Field Park and from their my passion for drag racing and cars just grew.  One of my all time favorite cars to watch on the the drag strip was NHRA C/SM Chevy II's.   Later I bought one which I used to bracket race for 6 years and eventually traded for the 1967 Acadian in 1993.

In 2005 my wife, Gloria and I packed up the bags and sold our house in Dorval to move north of Toronto to the town of Keswick.  I tried my hand at automotive engineering at the Multimatic Technical Center, but the beginning of my short career in Automotive Design was also the beginning of the melt down of the large automotive sector in Ontario so I after 2 years I left and found a job as an R&D & Production Technician at GEA ViEX.

I love going to the cruises and car shows around the Toronto area of which there are many - almost something to find every night of the week and larger ones on the Weekend.  I also love drag racing still, but am a lousy spectator at most sports and would rather do, than watch.

In the picture above you can see me at the Jim Russel driving school at Tremblant, Quebec which my wife Gloria, bought me a one day session for my birthday - lucky me - what a wonderful wife.  Even though I have always been into drag racing in was a complete blast.  The only downside was that day went by too fast.

Anyways, I continue to play with my Acadian and cruise around around Ontario on sunny days.  If you been to my website and recognize me at a cruise night or car show, just stop by and say Hello.  

Stan McLean

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