1970 Impala

Where it all started, 1977 and my father didn't want me to buy anything that was remotely fast. So he convinced me to buy a 1970, 4 door Impala from a friend of his. It was a nice car but not very fast. It came with a 350 (250 HP) - 2 barrel and just once got past 100 mph with a tail wind. I figure it would probably run 18 seconds, at 75 mph or less in the quarter. With only 38,000 miles on the odometer I had the heads rebuilt, added a Edelbrock Torker intake, Holley carb, Headers, Cam and shift kit in the Turbo 350. The stock torque converter stalled at 1500 rpm and with 2.56 gears in the rear end the car ran a best of 15.48 at 94 mph and a top speed around 145 mph flat out. I shifted into 2nd just before the traps. I changed the 10 bolt rear end gears to 4.11 and ran 14.40 at 94. I broke the 10 bolt and changed to 12 bolt with 4.56 and a different carb and ran a 14.10 at 97. I then rebuilt the 350 adding more compression (around 11 to 1) and ran 13.73 at 101. My Impala is shown in the picture doing a burnout at Napierville drag strip. Later on I cracked the block and the frame rails that summer (1980), so I sold the good parts from the engine to a friend of mine and went looking for the car I really wanted, a 66 or 67 Chevy II